Juan Romero
Penousal Machado

Part I   Evolutionary Art

  1. Evolutionary Visual Art and Design
    Matthew Lewis

  2. Evolutionary Search for the Artistic Rendering of Photographs
    John P. Collomosse

  3. Evolution and Collective Intelligence of the Electric Sheep
    Scott Draves
Part II   Evolutionary Music
  1. Evolutionary Computation Applied to Sound Synthesis
    James McDermott, Niall J. L. Griffith, Michael O'Neill

  2. Swarm Granulation
    Tim Blackwell

  3. Evolutionary Computing for Expressive Music Performance
    R. Ramirez, A. Hazan, J. Mariné, X. Serra
Part III   Real World Applications
  1. Evolutionary and Swarm Design in Science, Art, and Music
    Christian Jacob, Gerald Hushlak

  2. Genr8: Architects’ Experience with an Emergent Design Tool
    Martin Hemberg, Una-May O’Reilly, Achim Menges, Katrin Jonas, Michel da Costa Gonçalves, Steve R. Fuchs

  3. Evolving Human Faces
    Charlie D. Frowd, Peter J. B. Hancock

  4. Evolutionary Reproduction of Dutch Masters: The Mondriaan and Escher Evolvers
    A.E. Eiben
Part IV   Artistic Perspectives
  1. Artificial Art made by Artificial Ants
    N. Monmarché, I. Mahnich, M. Slimane

  2. Embedding of Pixel-Based Evolutionary Algorithms in My Global Art Process
    Günter Bachelier

  3. Evolving Structure in Liquid Music
    J. J. Ventrella

  4. A Survey of Virtual Ecosystems in Generative Electronic Art
    Alan Dorin

  5. Complexism and the Role of Evolutionary Art
    Philip Galanter
Part V   Future Perspectives
  1. The Evolution of Artistic Filters
    Craig Neufeld, Brian J. Ross, William Ralph

  2. Co-evolutionary Methods in Evolutionary Art
    Gary R. Greenfield

  3. Experiments in Computational Aesthetics
    Penousal Machado, Juan Romero, Bill Manaris

  4. Facing the Future: Evolutionary Possibilities for Human-Machine Creativity
    Jon McCormack

(c) Juan Romero & Penousal Machado. 2007. The Art of Artificial Evolution