The Art of Artificial Evolution:
A Handbook on Evolutionary Art and Music

by Juan Romero and Penousal Machado (Editors)
Springer - Natural Computing Series
Hardcover: 458 pages, 169 illus with 91 figs in color edition
November 2007
ISBN: 978-3-540-72876-4

While improvements in computer performance are dramatically changing the computer-generated art industry, scientists in natural computing have teamed up with artists to examine how bioinspired systems can influence art, technology and even aesthetic appreciation.

This comprehensive book gives an up-to-date survey of the relevant bioinspired computing research fields -- such as evolutionary computation, artificial life, swarm intelligence and ant colony algorithms -- and examines applications in art, music and design.

The editors and contributors are researchers and artists with deep experience of the related science, tools and applications, and the book includes overviews of historical developments and future perspectives.

This authoritative book, complete with DVD containing image, video and music samples, as well as source code and demonstrations, offers readers an exhaustive and eye-popping introduction to the area.

Written for: Researchers, lecturers, students

Keywords: Artificial evolution, Computer-aided design, Computer-generated art, Computer-generated music, Evolutionary computation, Natural computing


(c) Juan Romero & Penousal Machado. 2007. The Art of Artificial Evolution